Column:Company News Time:2018-03-22


The Italian optical optometry equipment exhibition MIDO was founded in 1970. Every year, it is the most representative and largest spectacle exhibition in the world, both in terms of scale and quality. Due to the wide range of exhibitions and high grades exhibited at the exhibition, Italy itself is the originator of the optical industry. Each year, new styles and technologies can always guide the fashion, trend and trend of global consumption of glasses. Therefore, it enjoys a high level in the global industry. Reputation.

Our company attended the Optical Fair in Milan, Italy on 2018-2-25. We exhibited German high-frequency welder HIMMEL, Swiss LECUREUX screw machine, Italy CMS five axis forming machine, Italian TECNOLOOK roller machine, Italian LG automatic hinged hinge machine, LG Automatic handle machine, LG leaf machine, laser welding machine and other advanced equipment, and achieved great success.